Winter Skin

Winter Skin

I touched on the effects of winter on our skin when I wrote about using SPF this time of year.  You will now be experiencing first-hand how zero degrees makes your cheeks rosy and your nose red, how the heating in the car makes you flushed and dry, how itchy your skin is under all the layers of warm clothing, and those poor cracked lips!

At this time of year it’s tempting to layer on the thick moisturiser in an attempt to create some sort of barrier between you and the elements; thinking about the skin barrier function is correct but caking it in ingredients it doesn’t utilise in cellular renewal leads to clogged pores, milia and a very dull complexion.

Think of the surface of your face as a collection of dead cells all glued together, the last thing you want to do is to use products that encourage those cells to stay in place longer, we want to speed up the process that brings fresher cells to the surface and promotes density in skin cells.

So what can we do to make sure the only thing cracking this winter is the ice underfoot?  The simplest of effective routines can contain as little as 3 products per day; a cleanser, a protective day cream and a night cream.  Skin care can be as easy or as complex as you want it to be.

Let’s start with your cleanser, it’s got to be gentle, and soap-free, it should not alter the skin’s natural moisture balance.  Remember your cleanser can be part of your anti-ageing regime, it’s not only for removing grime and make-up. Look for active ingredients such as glycolic acid and gluconolactone to promote cellular turnover.  Try Exuviance Purifying Cleansing Gel, it goes a long way and feels amazing.

If you are a no-nonsense get out the door quickly sort of person then the perfect product to start your day with will renew your skin, spirit and senses with one wipe!  This powerful moisturising, antioxidant and anti-aging tonic contains a triple blend of Polyhydroxy Acids, a marine botanical, eucalyptus, cucumber and green tea extract… all in one small pad.  Hail SkinRise Bionic Tonic by Exuviance.

I’ve been trialling a new product from Iceland (not new on the market but new to Beautique Medispa) by BIOEFFECT.  The company behind the product formed in 2001 but it was in 2005 that they produced pure cellular activators in barley seeds.  The hero of the BIOEFFECT range is EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), the discovery of which earned the scientists responsible the Nobel Prize in Medicine.  EGF is heralded for its ability to trigger cell renewal and initiate the production of collagen and elastin.

Speaking of which, very quick recap on the science… collagen and elastin are proteins produced in fibroblasts – skin cells within the dermis.  Fibroblasts also produce GAGs (glucosaminoglycans), these keep the skin hydrated.  Enough! I hear you say, but if you were to realise that diminished production of these little anti-ageing stars is responsible for your lack lustre appearance would you be interested in recovering their activity levels?

One of the most common causes of reduced activity is UV exposure, however we’ve covered that topic and if you are still in doubt NeoStrata’s  Sheer Physical Protection is a day cream containing powerful antioxidants and anti-ageing ingredients and suits all skin types.  If you do nothing else for yourself pick up a bottle and hold back time!

I’ve suggested a few products that you can use on the outside but the real quantum leap product for me is one you can drink.  Aneva Derma is the market leader of collagen supplements as its absorption rate is 95% through the small intestine; I’m not one for trash talk but do your research on absorption rate before parting with your hard-earned cash for supplements that will pass through your system as waste.  Remember the 8 out of 10 cats approach to sales is not science.

The list of benefits of taking Aneva Derma is long and varies from person to person as the collagen is taken up by the body where it is needed, so along with improved looks, you will find that all over your body your skin is more hydrated.  Itchy legs are a thing of the past!   You could also be pleasantly surprised to find your joints don’t ache, your nails are growing quicker and stronger, your hair is growing quicker too (not always a great thing if you colour your roots!), and some menopausal sufferers of vaginal dryness are lets say not suffering anymore!  I hear often that ‘it’s not cheap!’, and it’s not but it’s the same price as the coffee you buy at lunchtime that doesn’t give you any benefits at all.

Aneva Derma is taken in the evening before sleep, but you may still be looking for a product for your skin at night and another great one from NeoStrata is Cellular Restoration from the Skin Active range.   Its potent

formula contains Apple Stem Cell Extract, Glycolic Acid, Peptides, and a whole host of powerful antioxidants; it takes a multi-mechanistic approach to rejuvenating cellular function and strengthening the skin’s underlying structure with collagen and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs).

I will no doubt recognise my readers from their flawless, hydrated complexions, and bounce in their step.

Wishing you all skin health this winter.